EPCG refers to Export Promotion Capital Goods, Scheme allows import of capital goods for pre-production, production and post-production duty free.EPCG is designed to promote exports and encourage the import of capital goods for the purpose of enhancing the competitiveness of Indian manufacturers in the global market.Under this scheme, eligible exporters can import capital goods such as machinery, equipment, instruments, and other specified goods at duty-free. The imported goods are intended to be used for the production, packaging, or processing of goods for export purposes.   It is transferable at the time of sale of machine/plant.


Technology Upgradation

Exporters can access advanced machinery and equipment, which can lead to improved product quality, increased productivity, and enhanced competitiveness in the global market.

Increased Global Competitiveness

Upgrading manufacturing capabilities through the import of capital goods can help exporters produce goods that meet international quality standard.

Longer Period for Fulfilling Export Obligation

The export obligation period under the EPCG scheme is typically six years. This longer timeframe allows exporters more flexibility in meeting their export targets and reduces the burden of immediate fulfilment.


  • Manufacturer Exporter
  • Merchant Exporter with a supporting manufacturer
  • Service Provider (who is exporting services)  



Username,PW,DSC,IEC,RCMC,MSME,CERTIFICATE,FACTORY LICENSE,GST, Last3 yrs Import-export statement, Import Port NAME  , BROCHURE , PI


  • e-BRC
  • Shipping bill
  • Bill of Entry
  • Scheme License copy
  • Duty calculation,
  • Self declaration /CA certified .   

Export Obligation Policy

There are 2 blocks provided by DGFT for the completion of export The first target  i.e. 50 percent should be complete within 4 years from the date of authorisation and other 50% in the remaining 2 years if the authorised authority isn’t able to fulfil the targets then 2% penalty will be charged .


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