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Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC)  a certificate that validates an exporter dealing with products registered with an agency/ organization that are authorised by the Indian Government. While applying , an exporter has to declare his main line of business in the application. It’s registration certificate issued by the Form ANF 2C with  Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) or Commodity Boards to exporters or manufacturers who are engaged in export-related activities. It is a mandatory requirement for exporters to obtain an RCMC to avail various benefits, incentives, and assistance provided by the government or related authorities for promoting exports. It is an important document that facilitates export-related transactions and provides access to schemes, concessions, and other privileges offered by the government to exporters.It has become mandatory for registration from 1st April 2022. The validity of RCMC is for 5 years that ends on 31st March of the licensing year. There are total 26 Export Promotion Council and 9 Commodities Board  operating Pan India.

Benefits of RcMc

Access to Export Promotion Schemes

RCMC enables exporters to access various export promotion schemes, incentives, and benefits offered by the government. These schemes aim to boost export activities and provide financial assistance, tax concessions, and other support measures.

Participation in Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Exporters with a valid RCMC can participate in international trade fairs, exhibitions, and buyer-seller meets organized by the government or industry bodies. This facilitates networking opportunities, promotes business collaborations, and expands market reach.

Priority in Government Assistance

RCMC holders often receive priority in government assistance and support programs. This may include preferential access to financial schemes, export credits, subsidies, grants, and other forms of assistance provided by government agencies

Recognition and Credibility

RCMC signifies that an exporter is registered with a recognized Export Promotion Council or Commodity Board. It enhances the credibility and reputation of the exporter, demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements and adherence to industry standards.

Market Access and Trade Facilitation

RCMC can facilitate market access by streamlining export procedures and documentation. It may help in obtaining necessary clearances, licenses, and permits, thereby reducing administrative hurdles and facilitating smooth export transactions.

Advisory and Guidance

Export Promotion Councils and Commodity Boards provide valuable advisory and guidance services to RCMC holders. This can include market intelligence, export-related training programs, product development assistance, and other resources to enhance export competitiveness.

Documents Required

-Individual needs to submit RCMC application Form ANF-2C




Memorandum and Articles of Association

Modification Procedure

  1. Change in Exporter Details: If there are any changes in the exporter’s information such as name, address, contact details, or other relevant particulars.
  2. Addition or Removal of Product(s) or Sector(s): If an exporter intends to expand or modify their product range or sector of operation.
  3. Renewal or Extension: RCMC is typically valid for a specific period. If an exporter wishes to extend the validity of their RCMC.
  4. Change in Authorized Signatory: In case there is a change in the authorized signatory of the exporter, such as due to an appointment, resignation, or transfer of responsibilities.
  5. Updation of Bank Account Information: If there are changes in the exporter’s bank account details, such as a new account or a change in account number or branch.
  6. Sector-specific Changes: Certain sectors or industries may have specific requirements or regulations that necessitate modifications in the RCMC.

Modification Documents

 A copy of the current RCMC certificate

A copy of the company’s PAN

 A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association

 A copy of the Audited Financial Statements for the last three years

 A GST registration certificate.


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