DFIA stands for Duty-Free Import Authorization it introduced on 1st May 2006 in place of the Duty-Free Replenishment (DFRC) scheme This scheme allows import of inputs required for the production of goods duty free. An exporter is allowed to import goods that are necessary for the manufacturing or processing of products to be exported. These imported goods can include raw materials, components, intermediates, consumables, parts, or packaging materials.Exporters who wish to avail the benefits of the DFIA scheme need to fulfil SION norms which is they are required to fulfil specific export obligations, such as achieving a certain level of export performance within a specified time frame.Minimum Value Addition is 20% shall be required to achieve mandatory .The Validity of transferable duty-free import authorization to import is 12 months from the date of the license issued by the DGFT



Username ,PW,DSC,IEC,RCMC,MSME CERTIFICATE,FACTORY LICENSE,GST, Last 3 yrs Import-export statement, Import Port NAME  , BROCHURE , PI of export and PI and Import


  • E-BRC
  • Shipping bill
  • Bill of Entry
  • Scheme License copy
  • Duty calculation
  • Self declaration /CA certified .    
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