RCMC (Registration-Cum-Membership-Certificate) registration is a crucial requirement for businesses engaged in exporting goods from India. Issued by Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) or Commodity Boards authorized by the Government of India, RCMC registration serves as proof of membership in a specific EPC or Commodity Board representing a particular industry sector. This certificate is mandatory for exporters to avail various benefits, incentives, and concessions offered by the government under different export promotion schemes.

Obtaining RCMC registration involves a comprehensive application process wherein exporters must provide detailed information about their business activities, products, markets, and export performance. The registration is typically valid for a specific period and needs to be renewed periodically to maintain its validity. RCMC registration facilitates access to a range of export-related services and facilities, including market intelligence, trade promotion activities, and assistance with export documentation and procedures.

Moreover, RCMC registration enables exporters to participate in trade delegations, exhibitions, and buyer-seller meets organized by EPCs and Commodity Boards, facilitating networking opportunities and business collaborations. By being part of a recognized export promotion body, exporters can leverage collective resources and expertise to overcome market challenges, explore new opportunities, and enhance their competitiveness in international trade. RCMC registration thus plays a pivotal role in supporting India’s export sector and promoting economic growth and development.

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